ABC Mantras

The creative process for getting this children’s book assignment created was a very trying experience. On a regular basis, I found myself running into roadblocks as I was brainstorming ideas on how I was going to bring this piece of art to life. I was mostly breathing life in a piece of literature. This experience reminded me of the moments in which seeds are planted, and it has no choice but to take advantage of its fate to either die or grow. This is a moment in which my Creator planted a seed within my journey that has the potential to become something big and manifest in ways unimaginable. I believe that this was one of the many moments in which I will have to work through those moments in which I feel lost and not creative to return to the basics and allow my creativity to flow. I intend for it flow in an unapologetic fashion so that the beings that come in contact with my art will be enlightened. Participating in the unprecedented opportunities to evolve and continue to take steps towards your greatness. I ended up writing and illustrating a children’s book that encourages positivity to all children. As we are growing, I think it is important to learn from a young age on how to handle the woes that come with existing. Even in the process of teaching the young, it is also important for adults to also be able to take away ideas from children’s books as well. The beauty of this book is the fact that it works on not only a personal level but also on a grand level as well. Participating in the endless opportunities to grow will interchangeably keep you young and in space to remain open and free.



This is the first page of my ABC’s inspired Childrens Book.


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