I remember when I got that phone call from my mother to tell me that one of my favorite cousins was gunned down by the Los Angeles Police Department like it was yesterday. Just as the words “Justin is dead” rung in my ears the tears streamed down my face as I made an effort to take keep my composure. At his funeral, as everyone was making their last rounds to pay respect to him the song Champion by Kanye West was playing in the background. From that day forward the visual from that moment still plays in my mind from time to time. The album in which this song was on Graduation was one of Kanye Wests many gifts to the music world. As the time passed, I would listen to this song when I thought of my cousin and needed a pick me up, or even when I want to push through during a draining workout/jog. I know that when I need some uplifting in my life, I can play this song and be reminded of one of the greatest people I have had the chance to meet so that I can be inspired to continue evolving and advancing in my life. This song has pulled me through some of the hardest times in my life.