Negative Attention

I truly believe that rappers that create music videos like Big Tuck’s “Welcome to Dallas” create negative stereotypes in regards to the city the artist is referencing. These artists are most likely associating the city as whole with negativity. These rappers come off as very ignorant and/or uneducated. This energy probably should have been channeled elsewhere. This is a vivid example of minorities taking to social platforms to display their ignorance for all the world to see. This negative exposure continues to contribute to the negative stereotypes that surround minorities. These rappers are usually one hit wonders. They fall off the face of the earth once the world gets their laugh. It is very unfortunate. 




780 Weeks of #nationbuilding

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Mrs. Clarice Weeks has spent 780 weeks (15 years) apart of the Quinnite Nation. During her stay at the institution she has had the opportunity to see this college #nationbuild even in the face of adversity. She has successfully taken full advantage of the platform that was bestowed upon her.

Mrs. Weeks has served as the Librarian of the Zale Library at Paul Quinn College. She was given the opportunity to work at this institution after moving to Dallas from New York City. During this time she has served she has had a great impact on the many great minds that come through the gates of Paul Quinn College. She expects nothing but greatness from the young minds she inversely has a hand in cultivating. Mrs. Weeks is one of the many key essentials that keep this institution moving.

The archives of Paul Quinn College is a great treasure chest of great moments throughout the journey of this institution. Mrs. Weeks has curated and maintained the archives to serve as pieces of history in the year to come. Under her supervision these treasures are taken good care of. It is because of her majority of the students at this institution get the ability to even have the chance to see the rich history of this institution.

Leaving places better than you found them is one of the many things that this institution attempts to encourage. Leaving places better than you found them is something that all great leaders learn to do. Mrs. Weeks has made this institution greater than she found it. A great exemplification of servant leadership. 780 weeks down, 780 more weeks to go..