Sports and Higher Education

In modern day history Paul Quinn College has established itself to be an innovative institution that makes unprecedented moves to maintain the continuous evolution towards greatness. During the Sorrel Administration at Paul Quinn College he discontinued the football program On numerous accounts president Sorrel has vocalized his vision and his wise reasoning behind investing money towards things more cost effective. From the beginning phases of his administration he was shifting the culture of the Quinnite nation to strategically take on life. This very move personified the sometimes abstract example of accepting that there are other avenues that lead to success. During the more recent years of his administration he has invested in a soccer program, and supports a basketball program. Every decision in regards to sports at Paul Quinn College is usually a step in the right direction regardless of critics. After analyzing the positive effects associated with being a sports fan I believe that at an institution like Paul Quinn College should invest in programs that are not cost defective.


Funding a football program is extremely costly to maintain without the proper resources. This institution avoided so debt and saved money in the process of turning the football field to the We Over Me Farm. Turning the football field to a farm served as an avenue for this institution to positively sustain and contribute the colleges economy. After making this move in this direction it is safe to say that this institution just might not ever intend a football program ever again. Investing in the soccer program is appropriate because it has shown itself to have some type of positive trade off. The college can be some type of diversity within campus because this sport attracts multicultural student athletes. It is also more cost effective to fund a soccer program.


The downfall to not financially funding an array of athletic programs on campus is the fact that there is a lack of school spirit among the student body. There are some activities that just do not happen because of the absence of certain sports. You must also realize that there are some students who simply will not even fathom the idea of attaining an higher education from this institution because of the lack of certain sports.


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