The unfortunate circumstance that is known as homelessness is a problem that just about every major city are forced to deal with. I believe that is our government’s responsibility to provide services and create avenues to assist individuals that wrestle with the damaging series of events that come with homelessness. I guess I never really pondered the idea of owning a local business until I enrolled into The Urban Metropolis: Dallas course. The more I think about it the more the idea starts to sound becoming and something that I could successfully pursue with the right team and support. As a business owner one of the goals I would make a conscious effort to maintain is contributing and uplifting the community that I am serving. Although I do believe it is the government’s responsibility to effectively manage the issue that is homelessness under control I also realize that I have a part to play in this whole ordeal as well. As a business owner I would make it a goal of mine to reach out to my community in an innovative and dynamic way.

In order to do my part as a business owner I would attempt to host an annual food drive. This will serve as a way to assist the homeless by at least giving them some nutritious foods to keep the energized as they go about their days without a stable dwelling. Mental Illness and addiction is very common within the homeless community. I would also attempt to provide social services to the homeless community like counseling and support group sessions to serve as opportunities for mentorship and platforms for individuals within this community to get back to a place of stability within their lives.

My sole purpose in assisting the homeless is to at least give people apart of this community within my grasp some helpful tools for them to use as they take their journey. I know i probably will not end the problem but I am almost positive that I could potentially bring some type of assistance. Who know we might be able to evolve and grow in a way to help a great amount of people to get back on their feet’s. I intend to provide people within this community things that could empower and uplift them to become free from the variety of shackles that keep people homeless.