On the Verge of Tipping Over…..

The city of Dallas is an evolving city that a variety of people consider home. Over the course of history this city has proven itself to be on the tipping point of greatness or the the verge of seeing failure. The direction this city has been going in hs shifted a number of times to either shake up government and day to day life or allocated opportunities for this city to grow and secure its resurgence as the “great city” the people of this city imagine it to be. With the assistance of progressive politicians, journalism, the diverse citizens, and an array of unexpected turns in this cities journey. Dallas is the city at a crossroads between its greatness or standing in the way of its success.

At the turn of the new millennium this city was not in the place it should have been. Many people believed this city was missing key things that ultimately kept them from being that great city that the people of this city longed for it to be. If you analyze some key moments in the history of Dallas you will be able to realize that this city has a tendency of focusing on grand projects before attempting to make this city a diverse community for all walks of life.