Why do majority of rappers reference drugs?

Drugs is the probably one of the most common topics of discussion in the genre of rap music. I have come to the conclusion that drugs has become one of those things that a rapper can talk about if they have nothing intelligent to talk about, and stay somewhat popular. There are an extreme amount of examples of the many ways rappers can reference drugs in their art. Nowadays rappers can just blatantly express their love for a drug and receive somewhat of positive response from society.  In the song “CoCo” by O.T. Genasis said , “I’m in love with the coco/I’m in love with the coco/I got it for the low, low/I’m in love with the coco.” This rapper made it obvious throughout this song that he was referring to crack, and cocaine. How did society respond. I have seen little infants dancing to this song. One night I came across a vine of a little girl who could not have been older than 13 in the kitchen recording herself making crack on a stove top in her kitchen then get slapped by her guardian. This song has a cool beat but the lyrics deliver a horrible message. Who am I to say that this is negative or positive for the society. I just know that if that were my children I would be very disappointed.This is not just one example of songs that consciously reference drugs. I also can come to the assumption that because a lot of rappers indulge in some type of drug  their listeners would as well. When rappers perform at these music festivals, concerts, and cyphers you can almost guarantee that someone within the audience will be intoxicated off of some drug. This is not something that is negative because people turn to music when they are indulging in drugs sometimes because that is why majority of the people of fan of certain rap artists.


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